Продажа и установка высококачественных коммерческих
напольных и настенных покрытий

Продажа и установка высококачественных коммерческих
напольных и настенных покрытий


BALSAN innovates by proposing a new concept of coordinating printed carpet tiles. They are eminently suitable for instore, shops, offices, waiting rooms and public areas. These carpet tiles benefit from European classifications satisfying heavy duty use as well as European fire classifications. This collection of carpet tiles guarantees a remarkable graphic effect with its modular linear designs. Ideal for contract areas, these tiles will combine performance and new design with the possibility of associating colour and design: fine lines and broad stripes of colour, in continuous and broken lines

In spite of the care we have taken in designing our colour ranges and in optimising the documents available on the Balsan website, the colours displayed on the screen may present slight differences compared with the textile colours. Hence Balsan offers you the possibility of ordering material samples so that you can be sure of your choice.

Technical details

  • Type of carpet   100% Polyamid
  • Back Bitumen
  • Antistatic material yes
  • Pile weight 700 g/m²
  • Total weight 4435 g/m²
  • Colour fastness to rubbing 4-5/5
  • Colour fastness to light 5-6/8
  • Rows in stiches 51
  • Sound absorption ΔLw 23 dB
  • Soundproofing for airborne noise αw  0,15
  • Thermal resistance <0,17 m² C°/W
  • Colors 8
  • Pile height 2.7 mm
  • Total thickness 6 mm
  • Gauge 1/10


  • GUT 23698
  • BflS1 07/1339
50x50 L null
50x50 L null
50x50 L 23.38
50x50 L 45.67
50x50 L null
50x50 L 23.04
50x50 L 36.97
50x50 L null

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