Продажа и установка высококачественных коммерческих
напольных и настенных покрытий

Продажа и установка высококачественных коммерческих
напольных и настенных покрытий

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Close-up on the material. A variety of textures borrowed from the plant, mineral or organic world. A resolutely innovating spirit which, associated with contemporary architecture, using rough materials like concrete, cement, aluminium, metal... will bring warmth, wellbeing and serenity.


Nostalgia for former times and styles. Retrospective of authenticity, search for values. A theme at the heart of history, for places full of memories.


Simplicity of shapes, stripes, lines, squares, dots. An urban coding to urban rhythms, to bring safety and protection in public places, places for meetings and contacts.


Reminiscence of a sensual universe, fluidity of shapes, softness of materials. Femininity inspires this place of romanticism, elegance and lightness for an atmosphere full of charm.


Optical vibration of shapes, dynamism of attitudes, interactive connections, a futuristic world in constant movement for amusing, entertaining areas.


Tradition and High-Tech merge in the same space. Opposition of materials and sensations, groupings of elements, patchwork of shapes and kaleidoscopes of colours. An astonishing cosmopolitan universe, where contrasts dominate for places open to curiosity.


Invitation to exoticism in this world of intermingled colours. Symbolic shapes, seeking primitive expression. A wandering spirit for places of discovery.


Real or unreal vision, trompe l'œil of the image. A 3D performance that confuses the eye.